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Car audio and security - NORFOLK


Products - Upgrade your head unit or add to your original equipment

Head units CD/MP3 players - For improved performance and functionality (navigation, iPod/USB control and Bluetooth)

Amplifiers - More power, better sound!

    OEM integration audio upgrades - Original and potentially well-equipped but poor sounding built-in car audio systems specialist integration products are becoming a    major part of what we do!

    Not only will you be able to properly listen to music in your car the way it was intended to be enjoyed by the music producer rather than a car designer only interested in looks and convenience. In addition we wont change the interior of your car either!

    Speakers and subwoofers - Most standard vehicles are fitted with really poor performing speakers! We have various options for you to enjoy your music at its best in so much more detail! Subwoofers add a more dynamic feel to the sound producing audio frequencies other speakers are lacking in.

      DAB digital radio - There are now a range of vehicle specific, universal and replacement DAB options allowing you wider choice and to enjoy your favourite radio stations in improved quality.

       IPod integration - Use your iPod, MP3 player, USB device or audio from your phone in your car?

      Bluetooth Hands free and audio systems - Legal solutions to using your phone in your car? Certified Parrot installed kits, integrated Bluetooth kits, and Bluetooth head units.

      Security and tracking - Thatcham Insurance approved vehicle tracking. Persaonal self managed tracking.

      Driver witness cameras - Peace of mind knowing your safe driving is monitored with an insurance and legally approved driver recording device

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